PVP Rules

24/7 Gaming ARK Rules & Guidelines

Failure to abide by our rules can result in the removal of your structures, creatures, items or banning of your account from the server. Admins reserve the right to immediately suspend players accounts as they deem fit.

General Rules


English only in global chat, you may speak other languages in private or tribe chat.


No Offensive Language
This includes but is not limited to language which is defamatory, hateful, sexually explicit, racially, ethnically or otherwise extensively offensive. You can talk all the shit you want in game just don’t make it personal.


No promoting or advertising in Ark chat.
We have a channel in Discord you may promote in.


Do not impersonate staff members.


Names may not contain vulgar, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive language.


No cheating at all
It’s a permanent ban. This includes meshing, aimbots ETC. If we find your base inside the map we wipe it, end of story.


We do not replace items lost to deaths or in-game bugs.
Tickets are to be used for reporting rule violations or plugin issues.
If you find a big in game with a mod or base game please report it to the proper location on the mod page or ark forums!
In addition, we enforce all rules found in Ark’s Code of Conduct.

25x PVP

Server Rules


The “I have a big dick” rule
Going around and raiding new people when you are fully established will not be tolerated. We have tribes that come on the server and there intent is to raid everyone off. This is a community server this is not allowed. If we find that your tribe is killing our population we have the right to give you warnings/bans for doing so. You are not to be chasing around the same tribe and raiding them harassing them chasing them around maps. If your tribe is soooooo good at PVP then target the other big tribes.


You are expected to have the same tribe members and tribe name across the cluster.
This is to maintain the intent and spirit of the 6-Man servers and not have gear funnelled by over more than 6 individuals.


Teaming is not allowed.
You may form non-aggressive pacts. You CAN’T raid with other tribes. You CAN’T interfere with another raid. All raids are tribe vs tribe.


Maximum cage timer is 24 hours.
Rule does not apply if you are raiding, you can keep a player caged during the entire duration of the raid if it exceeds 1 day.


No mesh hitting or biting through walls or surfaces with the intent of destroying things on the other side illegitimately.
Killing players threw tech shields ETC. Don’t do it!


Do not Intentionally block the world spawn points with structures, turrets or aggressive creatures.
In the event your base inadvertently or accidentally does so it will be reviewed by our Game Admins before any action is taken.


Do not move characters back and forth between multiple tribes. Or attempt to circumvent the tribe member limit.


No insiding or alliance raiding we consider this greifing.
If you take items you purchased with points or some things and leave the tribe THIS IS NOT INSIDING! We define insiding as someone intentionally joining your tribe to sabotage it. Example throws everything one the ground demos the base shit like that. Leaving the tribe and them taking some breeding lines or weapons with them is not insiding. A tribe has shared ownership of everything regardless of who does what. TRUST THE PEOPLE YOU LET IN YOUR TRIBE!


You may not go around messing with peoples tames and or structures without the intent to raid.
Example stalking someone’s base sniping all there tames everyday for no reason. If you want to fight with people then you need to attempt raid.


You can not raid the same tribe over and over this is griefing.


Do not popcorn!
This means mass dropping items from your inventory into individual bags. This includes throwing out all of your cryo-dinos at once, unwanted loot from raids or dropping loot when you are facing imminent death or base wipe. Overburdening yourself is not an excuse to popcorn. The Drop All function is allowed.


Building Rules


All structures you place must be visible and able to be damaged via a legitimate method.


Turrets can be built out in the world when raiding, PvPing, PvEing or when teleporting to boss arenas via terminals, but must be taken down immediately after leaving the area and not left around in the world.


No building in crack spots.
If you cant ride a turtle in you cant build there.


Blocking access to the obelisks terminals, boss terminals or any of the surface entrances on Aberration with structures, turrets or unattended aggressive creatures.


You can not build in artifact caves or make artifact caves inaccessible.


No Meshing turrets or structures.
Structures must be damageable. Turrets MAY NOT shoot threw the mesh. If you are a heavy offender we will tribe wipe your structures.