Frequently Asked Questions


What’s max player level and dino level?

Max Player Level = 150 (195 with Max Ascension) (200 with Ascension + Chibi)
Max Wild Dino Level = 150/190 (125 additional levels at 1.25 Million Experience)

How do I get the free kit?

/kit starter in chat /kit builder in chat /kit farmer in chat

What’s PVE Protection?

All new players get 72 hours of protection. This ONLY PROTECTS YOUR STRUCTURES! You can do /pvestatus to see the time you have. Or /pveoff if you dont want it.

I need help how do I get an Admin?

To get an admin, all you got to do is join our discord and go to the #open-a-ticket-here and open a ticket.

How often does the server wipe?

We wipe every 1-2 months.

How do I earn points?

You earn 10 points per hour threw playtime. You can also earn points in giveaways, events, and for voting for the server or by supporting the server through donation (note you do not have to donate our shop is very balanced and everything can be earned threw normal play). That being said, we do rely on donations to pay for dedicated server cost.

What are loot boxes?

Loot boxes come with the VIP kit which are exclusive to the kit. We have several other boxes you can buy in the shop for points Or in the website shop in packs.

Why cant I build it says structure limit reached?

On each map you can have a max of 10k structures per tribe. You can do /showlimits in chat to see a full printout of what you have down, the server mods aren’t up to date, update them! The server has a program that will auto update mods, it checks for it every hour on the hour. The Server will usually be down for 10 minutes if a mod update needs to occur.

Why is my teleporter showing public?

If you paint your teleporter it bugs out, please don’t paint them. If you did by accident pick it up and place it back down. I bought VIP how do i get it? Its automatic you may need to relog to get the point increase.

I bought loot boxes, I dont see them in my inventory?

They are not a physical item do /lootboxes in chat

Where can I see all the rates on the server?

In our discords, server-info channel.

Is the server pay to win?

While donating may allow you to progress somewhat faster than others, for the player it mainly is a time saver, nothing we offer through our points shop or VIP perks is game breaking and will make people impossible to defeat. In the end it comes down to your skill at the game and the amount of time you can put into playing on the server. We have seen people with tens of thousands of points be wiped by those who never donated. So no, the server is not pay to win.

I voted for the server where are my rewards?

You must link your steam to the voting website before voting, you must also claim the points on the server you voted for. If that doesn’t work open a ticket.