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    Thanks for supporting our servers!

    Read to the bottom of the post to get all the info!

    Available donations!

    250 Points! - $5.00 USD
    500 Points! - $10.00 USD
    1,000 Points! - $20.00 USD
    3,000 Points! - $50.00 USD
    5,000 Points! - $75.00 USD
    10,000 Points! - $100.00 USD

    -----------------NEW PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION-------------
    20$ Monthly (30 Day) Subscription Gets you these wonderful EXCLUSIVE perks
    - 30 uses of the NEW metal kit
    (50k! per use)! (no one but Premium subscribers can even see this kit!
    - Color Change Command for use on Dinos!
    - Upgrade from the 3 points per hour to 15! points per hour!!

    If you want to make it a monthly subscription you can click "Make this a monthly donation" and as long as you keep the donations coming you'll have premium!

    Note - Donations are to help the server they are not for points. We give points as a thank you for your support. The donations are non-refundable under any circumstances.
    You must enter the exact amount for the amount of points you want in US Dollars only. We are not responsible for mistakes you make through conversions.

    TO REDEEM YOUR POINTS YOU MUST JOIN DISCORD AND MESSAGE SNiPERTONY#0001 or Lord Stalin#0520 or Ace#4721 or Reaper#4714 or Crypticx0#8751

    If you message SNiPERTONY#0001 he will need your steam id/name, your pay-pal email/name and what server you're on (25x/100x)
    If you message Lord Stalin#0520 or Ace#4721 or Crypticx0#8751 they will need your steam id/name, a screenshot of the paypall transaction and what server you are on (25x/100x)
    Your points will be added within 24 hours of purchase (Most of the time its within 30 minutes you can message any of us to see if we are online).

    To make it a faster process please send your steam profile link that way we can add points when you are offline.

    After donating you can get the special "Donator" Role on discord by asking for it - we understand some people don't like people to know they donated so you can choose to get it!


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